Skin Dash Cosmetics Luxury Hyper-pigmentation Anti-Aging Skin Care products consists of maximum concentrations of organic or natural/vegan active ingredients. These powerful fresh active ingredients are processed in small batches/compacts to keep them active, potent and fresh.

Our products are formulated with organic actives, clinically proven ingredients and patented anti-aging powerful active ingredients, to achieve incredible results. Therefore, the characteristics of the naturally active ingredients, efficiently cause rapid resurfacing compounds responsible for the skin to shed at approximately .01(+/-) micron per cycle. This is required to To slow down the aging process, your skin has to at least triple and or double .01 micron per cycle. You can efficiently and effectively resurface three times per cycle, this is the best way of elimination fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, scars, sun damaged skin, acne scars and all other skin imperfections. Our products are designed to accelerate the process of skin turnover and allow resurfacing 3 times per cycle . With our products, there is no fixed regime in achieving 3 times per cycle turnover.However, we encourage our clients to use our products accurately and carefully formulate their own regime which suits their them or needs. And carefully, observe and evaluate their skin for the next step in their regime. There are no complications when it comes to using our products. These products are the easiest skin care products one can ever use on market and skin. We highly advise that you do not compound nor integrate our products with other skin care products as this is interfere with results. Do everything right and use carefully, results are almost instant or 24hrs.Our products are designed to make your skin achieve perfection just the right easy way.