In Pursuit Of the Appearance

All in pursuit of the appearance of even clear glowing skin. Mottled, splotchy, uneven and hyper-pigmented skin tones whisper of inflammation, irritation, damage, and age.Billions of dollars are spent in the beauty industry attempting to compensate for blotchy uneven skin tone. Think makeup, powder, foundation, primers, bronzers, blushers, shimmer sticks, highlighters, brightening powders, finishing powders, and concealers to name a few. The glow and appeal of a clear luminous complexion are very difficult to compensate for when absent.
The primary marker of age and structural dermal collapse is tone and clarity. A smooth clear unmarred skin tone allows the light to refract from the skin. This is perceived as beauty and vitality.

Here at SKINDASH, we prefer to tackle the core of dysfunction in all things concerning skin health, skin repair, skin beauty, skin healing, recovery and care. Our understanding is that beauty is the end result of a healthy biology. Thus, SKINDASH products are the medicines for what ails your skin. Let SKINDASH be a portion of your skin restoration, and great recovery. SKINDASH, SKIN HEALTH, BEAUTY/RADIANCE, RESTORATION AND RECOVERY ARE YOUR PORTIONS.